A collection of the works I’ve been involved in creating:

Business Analysis & Market Research


Undergraduate Researcher

School of Business Administration – UC Riverside

  • Analyzed spacial correlation between income and education using Esri’s ArcGIS
  • Reported similar characteristics from donor database using Business Analyst Online (BAO)
  • Created heat maps of demographics, tapestry, and median income from sampled data.


Marketing Report 

  • Business 103: Marketing 
  • Proposed Starbucks Marketing plan for the Frappuccino product line.
  • Extensive research into product timeline, faults, solutions, and recommendation based on the report.



Ethics Report 

  • Business 102: Ethics & Law and Society 
  • Researched legislation regarding the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and made an analysis on the impact on corporations and people.
  • Provided recommendations to policymakers for future legislation.



Website Creation and Design

Highlander Business Alumni Network


  • Currently in development for the School of Business at UC Riverside.
  • Established to maintain relationships and provide benefits to all alumni of the Business program at UC Riverside.



Rana Luu


  • Created using hand-code written in HTML with Microsoft’s notepad.
  • Experimented with image attachments and marquee effect.
  • Learned website responsive behaviors among different browsers.


Happy Bakery


  • Captured requirements from Business Owners and created a response online presence for the bakery.
  • Utilized templates from WordPress CMS and modified code protected under the creative commons license of WordPress.
  • Regularly update the website to include announcements, promotions, information pertinent to business success.


Beta Phi Delta Fraternity 


  • Upgraded the fraternity’s web presence by making it SEO friendly.
  • Migrated data from old website to new website with new top-level-domain (TLD).
  • Utilized templates from WordPress CMS and modified code protected under the creative commons license of WordPress.


X-Nihilo Project


  • Established fictitious e-commerce company X-Nihilo with team to manage the website and fictious company.
  • Explored Wix sites website builder and created a functional e-commerce store.




Management Information Systems Society at University of California, Riverside


Cofounded club with a mission to educate, enhance, and promote management information systems at UC Riverside.

Led workshops on important industry technologies that can benefit members in their technical careers.



Guides & How-To’s


Networking & Business Communications

Business 175: Business Communications

  • Guide on the basic ideas and terminology of networking and network communications.
  • Illustrated in layman terms the concepts and main ideas from the course.
  • Assisted students with questions regarding networking and advanced concepts not yet covered in the course.


Yelp! Use Case Diagram

Business 171: Systems Analysis and Design

  • Created use case diagram for Yelp! platform and represented visually the logical process the company.
  • Made with Microsoft Visio.