Month: April 2016


04/13/2016 “Through the Other Side”


“Look around you and tell me what you see…” – Henry Spencer (Psych)

Each day we are immersed in entertainment, often ignoring the details of the things around you. We watch films, listen to music, and socialize with others in order to entertain ourselves. But do we really know where we are? Who we are? Who we’ve become? It is often theorized that our environment shapes us into who we are — who we’ve become; our family, friends, brothers, and sisters, schools, and community have shaped us into how we act, react, care, and love. However, we immerse ourselves with what we want to let in. Though this psychology is often overlooked if not carefully studied and observed there is often conjecture about what we are told. This is how I see the world. Through details, through observations, through other people’s eyes. I see myself through other’s perspective.

My friend and I went out for lunch today — though our time was hardly a lunch. With lunch being defined as buying chocolate pretzels or dried pineapple slices to eat, we spent the afternoon getting to know each other while sharing our likes, dislikes, similarities, and differences. But one conversation that peaked my interest was when she said something along the lines of “People see others in a way they expect themselves to be” . In an unfazed way, I agree. Her words made me think: Am I a product of California’s education system or have I been influenced by my environment to be the person I am today? Though these words resonate with me, I see my environment as a blessing. To see what affects me and to determine if I want it to shape my character. It is through these talks with my friend do I really see what we’ve become in each others lives. These details, no matter how big or small, determine who we are today.