Month: January 2016


01/01/16 “Holiday Specials”


My family observes the winter holidays a little bit differently than other families. Rather than setting up a Christmas tree or decorating the house with lights, my family passes the last weeks of each year preparing for the ‘surge’. The surge, although it does sound quite cool, is not related to any mechanics or electrical situations but rather a high flux of new and existing customers ordering sweets for the holiday season. Each year, my parents asks my sister and I to help out at our family business in order to make the business run more efficiently. Although reluctant, my sister and I go to work with our parents to begin the holiday ‘busy’ season.

While we began our day by folding boxes to prepare for the surge, we bonded over the memories and traditions that have been practiced from all the years we’ve worked. I can recall we created games, competitions, and ultimately, brotherly and sisterly rivalry from each holiday season from where we played and competed with each other ever single year while at work. Because my parents operated a small bakery in the local community, they used pink pastry boxes as their method of delivering baked goods to the customers. However, those famous pink pastry boxes were never without manual labor to utilize them.

In order to deliver products to our customers, my parents would enlist my sister and I to fold thin cardboard sheets into boxes before peak hours. Albeit it was early in the day, I remember I used to challenge my sister to a folding competition to see who can fold those pink boxes the fastest. Sooner than later, we became efficient experts at folding various boxes. We became accurate, fast, and efficient at folding but there wasn’t a single instance when we didn’t get injured. Since folding the boxes required speed and accuracy, my sister and I would get small paper cuts that would deter us from folding boxes for the rest of the day. However, I claim that I was the faster one to fold boxes although it was never officially measured.

Throughout the holiday season, my family is together. Instead of being together at home, we bond over the countless memories we had at the bakery shared over our lifetime. We live, laugh, and occasionally get mad at each other but at the end of the day, we know that we are there for each other. The holidays create an atmosphere to reminisce and create shared memories with family and I am truly happy and appreciative for who I have in my life. Despite the fact that the winter holidays only happen once each year, memories with loved family members will always cherished and never forgotten.