Month: September 2015


9/24/15 “Continuation”


Today marks the first day all University of California schools start classes – or in my case, resume classes. Being back at school brings back some memories I’ve had when I was a neophyte to my home UC. From freshmen holding maps wondering where their class is located to the upperclassmen and veteran UC students trying to promote their clubs, I find these eventsĀ almost calming in comparison to everyone else who find it stressful. However, I do remember when finding classes and being promoted to was stressful as well. Today, I helped my fellow peers do both of those things – share on Facebook the events they’re promoting to helping a lost freshman find his/her class while on the way to mine. The feeling of helping someone brings me joy and is not comparableĀ to anything else. I guess it’s a way of giving back to my community but in my personal opinion, I believe it’s doing the right thing; to help each other out.

Each and everyone of us belongs to a community, whether it be a housing community or school community – everyone does their part in one way or another. It brings me joy when I see and experience first hand of people helping one another. There’s no better feeling in the world than being happy when you expect it the least.


8/30/15 “Good Morning”


A couple days ago I was riding my bike through the heart of Pasadena with a friend of mine when we rode past this keenly observable makeshift home for those less fortunate than the majority of us. Initially I rode past the home as I was riding through on the streets but this caught my attention through the corner of my eye. I was perplexed, wondering what is was and why it was there. It wasn’t until I turned around and went to observe it more in detail when I said to myself, “wow, it’s a bit heartbreaking to see that someone has set up refuge in a well-off community.” When I took the photo, I knew that I had to document this somehow to express the gratitude that I have for our community. In the photo there is a sign that says “Good Morning” with blankets and books to the side as well as water and food left wrapped in tin foil and styrofoam boxes. In a way, this establishment was nice to see; however it really made me rethink the way I see this community and the city it helps supports. I didn’t stay to see the occupant return home but I do sure believe he/she was welcomed home with caring acts of kindness from the people who walk by his home every single day.