jonathan ng

Risk Advisory @ intl public accounting firm


Hello, I'm jonathan ng

Hi there! I’m Jonathan and welcome to my little niche.  I’ve created this page to showcase my best work. I realize there is potential to develop this site as more than just another portfolio piece where I’d like to share my experiences with you as well.

I’m a Los Angeles native and currently working in as a Risk and Compliance associate at a public accounting firm based in LA. On the side I manage products and operations at @CloudHype Digital. When I’m not rummaging through online articles to flex my brain muscles, I am tweaking my phone to find ways on making it bend to my commands. Or I’m probably watching Youtube videos on how to improve my car. I enjoy helping people however I can and take pride knowing that my help is appreciated. During my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends knowing that our time on this planet is  precious and any moment spent in good company is treasured.

At the time of writing we are currently living in the age of COVID-19 and while we are currently living on the ground, I encourage everyone to take a moment to share your thoughts and feelings with the ones you trust most. As such, I’m thankful for your attention to my site.

I am looking forward to the day things will slowly, but surely, return to normal. When that happens, let’s explore and go for an adventure. I’m down for it.

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